• Sophie Olympia

Why I might love Jerry Saltz

Hint: it's probably the same reason everyone else does too. Although I know this is somewhat polarizing.

I talk a lot about making art accessible, democratizing it in a way that makes it (experiencing it, making it, working with it, collecting it) inviting and available to everyone. I think that in this day and age, many people agree with this direction, although not all by any means. This is sad but true. The fine art world continues to be insular and dominated by a western perspective, and the idea that "refinement" (aka, wealth) and a strong basis in art history is required to "understand" art.

Jerry Saltz's approach to art, and to art critique, is one of equalization. He is kind, thoughtful, and approachable, and he has no time for a non-dynamic approach to art appreciation. I think he's also appealing because of his clear passion for the work itself, and for those artists who are telling great stories and making their own way in the world.

I watched this video this morning, and was reminded of how much I love him:

What do you think? Do you like him? Do you like his approach to art critique, and to the art world in general?

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