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MAtthew Morrocco

The Olympia Project @ 87 Grand

May 2019

Pop-up Exhibition

Open by Appointment

Closing Reception: May 15, 2019

ORCHID (in NYC): Project

The Olympia Project is pleased to present ORCHID (in NYC) by photographer Matthew Morrocco.

The Olympia Project is pleased to present a curated selection of work from three series within Matthew Morrocco’s ORCHID body of work as part of a special pop-up exhibition taking place in Brooklyn, New York to coincide with the opening of ORCHID.Spring curated by Sophie Olympia Riese at Gallerie B.B. in Denver, CO.

Morrocco’s work in ORCHID is primarily an exploration of photography itself. To take a picture, two things need to exist: light, which is seen with the naked eye as an image of colors, and secondly, a way to convey the image. This basic communicative act, the transmission of color, is fundamental to the artist’s new series of works, which revolve around “Orchid,” a nameless, genderless figure posing in various landscapes of abstract RGB color fields, and in a series of seasonal still lives, set in autumn and winter, with “Orchid” colored accordingly.

Work included in ORCHID comes from ORCHID.rgbORCHID.Fall, and ORCHID.Winter. These works were selected from those previously presented at Pioneer Works (Brooklyn, NY) and Crush Curatorial (New York, NY) in 2018.

ORCHID (in NYC): Text
ORCHID (in NYC): Portfolio

For inquiries about availability and pricing of works, please contact Sophie at

ORCHID (in NYC): Text
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