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Online-Exclusive Exhibition
October 2 - November 14, 2020

The Olympia Project is pleased to present Matter of the Mind, the second exhibition in our CURATED BY series.

Curated by Stephanie Ferguson Villalón.

Featuring works by Juan Carlos Alom, Liz Capote, Ariamna Contino, Raúl Cordero, Mari Claudia García, Florencio Gelabert, Alejandro González, Glenda León, José Manuel Mesías, Jorge Otero, Alejandro Piñeiro, and José Yaque.

Matter of the Mind is an online exclusive exhibition to be held on Artsy.

Matter of the Mind: Welcome

Constantly reinventing and pushing themselves and their practice, these artists use creation to make sense of the world around them; through their work they reflect on their past, sift through the present and reach within themselves in their search for meaning. Glenda León, José Mesías, and José Yaque expose the beauty, magic and mystery of daily life that so often goes unseen. Raúl Cordero, Alejandro González, Mari Claudia García and Jorge Otero frame the world in a way that opens our eyes to the infinite facets of the truth. Florencio Gelabert, Liz Capote and Ariamna Contino reference the hidden violence and burdens we bear, while Alejandro Piñeiro and Juan Carlos Alom free themselves from the common compulsion and desire to make sense of it all.

While the world is learning to adjust to a “new normal” now that reality as we know it has been turned on its head, we find ourselves searching for answers, scouring our recollections of history, reflecting on memories, delving into our imaginations, grasping for understanding, for meaning. 

The featured works are investigations in human nature, where the artists attempt to expose patterns that help them make sense of the world we live in, works through which they acknowledge and challenge the limitations of the human mind. These artists probe their own views of the world, play with perspective, challenge the dominant narratives, and flip our assumptions to reveal the complex underbelly of our perceived reality.

Collectively, these artists probe the recesses within, simultaneously challenging and celebrating the matter of the human mind.

- Stephanie Ferguson Villalón, Curator

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About the Curator

Stephanie Ferguson Villalón is an art advisor and collector living between Havana and Miami. She holds a Master's Degree in Art History from the University of Havana, with a concentration in Cuban Art. She is the founder of Artful Collecting (@artfulcollecting), an advisory platform committed to making contemporary Cuban art more accessible to collectors around the world, focused on supporting the careers of emerging and mid-career artists on the island.

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