The Olympia Project LLC is a project space and exhibition platform by independent curator Sophie Olympia Riese.

As I travel the world, I consider my place in it (both good and bad) and the impact of art, design, fashion, and food on our communities and society as a whole.

I am an independent curator, consultant, and educator whose primary interest is in providing a platform for the stories and work of emerging artists who are engaging with historically overlooked and occasionally discomforting narratives. I seek to promote an egalitarian view into the art world, making it accessible for artists and audience members alike who may have typically been excluded. Primary is the development of a conversation about the world as it is versus the world as it should be, and how current political, social, and economic conditions and considerations play into an artist’s ability to create and engage.

The Olympia Project is a platform for unrepresented emerging contemporary art, focusing on socially-engaged practices to create alternative cultural discourse and progressive exchanges between diverse artists and audiences, with a goal of broadening audiences and increasing access to and within the art world, providing opportunities to artists who are early career or emerging, typically from underrepresented or marginalized groups.

My curatorial principles are: 

  • To serve as a platform from which unknown or unrepresented artists can launch their careers

  • To welcome emerging, established, or experimental practices

  • To foster an open and flexible approach to art, and an environment for learning and appreciating that is open and comfortable for all

  • To create a global community

  • To address the historical inequities in the art market, by representing and working with artists who identify as minority, female, queer, gender non-conforming, or other historically underrepresented groups

My work has received grant support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Prior to founding The Olympia Project, I was a founding member and curator at SECRET DUNGEON (2016-2018) in Brooklyn, NY. I am a trustee of the International Studio & Curatorial Program, a founding member of the Brooklyn Museum's Young Leadership Council, and a patron of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver. Addionally, I support the programming of numerous organizations, including but not limited to: EL Education, Young New Yorkers, Artadia, Zeitz MoCAA, El Museo de las Americas, and The Laundromat Project. 


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